Voice Mail Gets a Lot More Fun with Free Services

The days of “leave a message after the beep” could soon be a thing of the past. New Web services are giving cellphone voice mail a fresh sound with features that let users personalize outgoing messages for individual callers and eschew unwanted calls. I’ve been testing two such free services, YouMail and GrandCentral, that let you customize phone-mail features through wireless Internet communication. They’re like your voice-mail service on steroids.

Personal Technology – WSJ.com.

NOTE: I’ve been using YouMail since the day I read this article. Not only can you personalize outgoing messages, which is more fun (and useful) than I expected; the service can email and/or text message you when you’ve received a message. Another bonus: you can listen to your voice mail online.

YouMail was easy to set up, and it’s a lot of fun to use. I can’t imagine ever going back to the standard Verizon voice mail service that I was content with just a week ago.


3 thoughts on “Voice Mail Gets a Lot More Fun with Free Services”

  1. I have Vonage (VOIP) and I can personalize the message callers hear when they phone, and it emails me when I get a voicemail, and I can listen to it online, it will even send a text or the message itself which you can play and hear to my cell. It is all part of my service for which I pay $25.00 per month plus taxes and reg. fees.

  2. uhh… not sure how that relates to YouMail or GrandCentral except that you’re advertising Vonage unless you’re a supergeek and only use a VOIP handset when you are out and about or in the middle of the desert.
    This is an article about voicemail for your CELL phone.
    oh…and the services are FREE.

  3. Thanks BC. Since GC is “by invitation” only i signed up with YouMail yesterday and i’m so hooked! OMG, i don’t know how Ver-carp-izon won’t be forced to do this stuff too. I’ve already got my ex on ditch…lol.. he gets a message i recorded that sounds like i have a greting taht talks about a new guy–that’ll piss him off. My mom freaked and called me twice ebcause she kept hearing her name. Dad is oblivious and i got a 5 minute message that was actually jsut him talking to me thinking i had picked up. i emailed that to my sis back in boston. she laughed her head off. we’re going to add the voicemail to our family web site.
    anyway- love, love and love it! thanks for the write up on youmail. definitely a “bargain”!

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