Trash Fees Going up for County Homeowners, Businesses

The Frederick County Commissioners today decided to increase solid waste fees to make up for a nearly $6 million shortfall in the fiscal 2009 solid waste budget.

They decided to increase the system benefit charge, which is levied on every household in the county, from $36 this year to $80 in fiscal 2009. In the following two years, it will continue to increase, to $84 and $88.

This fee is included in property tax bills.

Tipping fees, the per ton charge for trash brought to the landfill for disposal, will increase to $76 for solid waste and $85 for construction and demolition.

The planned tipping fee for fiscal 2009 had been $74 and $83 per ton, respectively.

The typical single family household generates a little more than a ton of trash in a year, according to Utilities and Solid Waste Division director Michael Marschner.

In addition, the commissioners authorized the sale of mulch and included a clause that would trigger a tipping fee increase as gas prices go up.

The Frederick News-Post Online – Frederick County Maryland Daily Newspaper.