Starbucks Slims Down Breakfast Choices to Five

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In its strategy to present a healthy menu, Starbucks Corp. has whittled down 200 potential breakfast options to five, which will be sold for the first time Wednesday morning.

The choices are: hot oatmeal; a protein plate with a cage-free hardboiled egg and a whole-wheat bagel; apple bran muffins; a chewy fruit and nut bar; and a multigrain roll with either almond butter or strawberry preserves. None of the foods has artificial colors or flavors or sweeteners, or high fructose corn syrup.

Hot oatmeal is one of Starbucks’ new breakfast options.

For 20 years, Starbucks has been accumulating skinnier choices on its menu–nonfat milk, soymilk, fruit juice Frappuccinos and reduced-fat coffee cakes, for example.

But this year marked a philosophical shift in the company menu. Instead of taking away fat and calories, Starbucks is adding nutrients such as protein and fiber. The shift started in July with Starbucks’ Vivanno protein fruit smoothies and Berry Stella pastries, and continues with the breakfast options added Wednesday.

Starbucks is reviewing its lunch choices and says more food news will emerge this year.

Starbucks slims down breakfast choices to five.