Save Money at the Gas Pump with Giant Eagle Fuelperks

I’ve noticed lately that I’m starting to look for reasons to “swing by” Giant Eagle, even though I live in Middletown and have a perfectly good Safeway (with an in-store Starbucks) less than 2 minutes from my house. Why? Fuelperks, of course. Once you’ve filled up with your first free tank of gas, you’ll be hooked, too.

Here’s how Fuelperks work:

For every $50 you spend at Giant Eagle with your Giant Eagle Advantage Card, you earn a 10¢-off-per-gallon Fuelperks discount. (For the past couple of months, it’s been 20¢.) They keep track of what you spend, so you don’t have to spend in increments of $50.

In addition to earning Fuelperks on groceries, you can also earn them on:

  • Gift Cards from retailers and restaurants (TIP: If you need to buy something from one of the merchants for which Giant Eagle sells gift cards, buy a gift card first. This is the fastest way to earn Fuelperks.)
  • Out-of-pocket pharmacy purchases.
  • Services from their Dress for Success cleaners.
  • Inside the store at GetGo (where you redeem your Fuelperks).
  • Purchases and rentals at Iggle Video.
  • Photo service purchases.

You can redeem Fuelperks at two local GetGo gas stations: 1700 West 7th & 1000 West Patrick. Just scan your Giant Eagle Advantage Card at the pump, and your discount will be applied.

Two more incentives to shop at Giant Eagle (at least for some things):

  • Free babysitting for kids 3-9 while you shop.
  • eOffers: Have Giant Eagle coupons electronically attached to your Giant Eagle Advantage Card. First, you’ll need to register your Giant Eagle Advantage Card on Then, you’ll need to load the coupons you want before going to the store. The coupons you’ve loaded will be redeemed automatically when you cash out.

3 thoughts on “Save Money at the Gas Pump with Giant Eagle Fuelperks”

  1. The fuel perks program is a brilliant marketing tool used by Giant Eagle. I shop there occasionally and have noticed a big increase in traffic since they started the program. But if you do the math, it makes a lot more sense to forgo the 2% savings (for the average fill-up–4% with the increased perks of late) and just head on over to Costco or Sam’s where you’ll save more like 20% to 30% in lower grocery costs. Just my two cents…

  2. I love fuel perks. I do not even drive or own a car but I do live close enough to walk to Giant Eagle and that means I shop there most. I save the fuel perks and use them to pay my friend who takes me to doctors. I can use that and a couple dollars and get to doctors and she gets gas to get her around.

  3. I love fuel perks. On average I save $24 per fill up (I usually fill up 1x every 2 weeks, I fill up with 24 gallons and usually have between .80 cents to 2.00 off per gallon. I grocery shop 1 time per week. Giant Eagle also has really reasonable prices). I always have at least 20% savings, and usually more like 30% savings on a tank of gas. The gas at Get Go is less than Sheetz, BP, Exxon, etc. I live 2 miles from Get Go and I make it a point to buy gift cards when I am on my weekly shopping trip for all of the following:
    1. Starbucks
    2. Toys R Us (if I have a kids birthday coming up)
    3. Home Depot (if we are working on something….we just installed 3 new fans and before buying them we got $250 in Home Depot Gift Cards, then used them to pay for the fans, wire, etc, resulting in $1.00 off per gallon on gas, for something that we would have purchased anyway)
    4. Pizza Hut, Outback, Etc…if we are planning on going to one of the restaraunts that they offer gift cards for later in the week I will pick one of these up.
    5. Movie Theater Gift Cards…we love the movies, and go once a month, so we use these)
    6. Clothing Stores/Bookstores/ETC- if any of my nieces, nephews, cousins, friends, etc are having a birthday, I get gift cards to a store I know they like and then either go to the store and get them something or give them the gift.
    7. Amex Cards-now that all of my friends are on babies 2 or 3 or 4, instead of getting them clothes or strollers or other gear that they already have, I get them the Amex Gift Card they can get what they need.
    8. Plus I just switched my prescriptions to Giant Eagle and got $1.00 off per galloon on each of the prescriptions (so looks like my next tank, just on these prescriptions will cost no more than .85 cents per gallon.)

    The thing is I don’t buy groceries or gift cards for anything extra, just for already planned needs (ie. I don’t buy a gift card to Red Lobster if that isn’t in our budget for the week, just because it will give me extra feul perks.)
    My mind set is if I need to buy something I first think, does Giant Eagle have a gift card for this, if not, do they have a gift card for a similar item that will serve the same function, or the same item at a different store.
    Just a thought.

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