Netflix Player by Roku

My Christmas present arrived late last week–a NetFlix Player by Roku. Our intention was to open it, make sure it worked as advertised, then pack it up until Christmas. Two seasons of Kim Possible and several episodes of The Rockford Files and 30 Rock later, the Roku shipping box is out in the trash and my husband is scrambling to come up with another Christmas present for me.

From the Roku Netflix Player site:

  • Streams a growing library of movies and TV episodes instantly to your TV.
  • Easily connects to your TV, home theater or A/V receiver in minutes.
  • Puts you in control–play anytime, pause, fast-forward or rewind.
  • Connects with 100% of televisions sold in U.S.
  • Delivers superior media compatibility, including Ethernet and Wi-Fi, composite and component video, analog stereo and optical audio, S-video and HDMI connections.
  • Enjoy unlimited hours of entertainment for the one-time purchase price of $99.
  • Learn more or order for immediate shipment at the Netflix Player website — a unique separate site created in conjunction with Netflix. It’s your single source for Netflix Player information and special offers.
  • From full-length movies to TV series, Netflix offers thousands of choices to watch instantly, and more are being added every month. Click the “Watch Instantly” tab on any Netflix page to see our library of choices.

Other NetFlix-ready devices:

Unsure if you’re cut out for NetFlix? Try it for free. To watch instantly for no additional fee, you’ll need to be on a Netflix unlimited plan (from $8.99 a month).

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