Free Mediation (Conflict Resolution) Services

From the Community Alternative Mediation (CALM) website:

CALM, The Frederick Mediation Center is a non-profit organization providing mediation services free of charge to all Frederick City and County residents. CALM is funded by The Maryland Mediation and Conflict Resolution Office, The Frederick Arts Council, and The Dola Burkentine Nonprofit Marketing Endowment Fund through The Community Foundation of Frederick County. CALM is a member of The Maryland Association of Community Mediation Centers and The Human Services Coalition of Frederick County.

Mediation is a process used to peacefully resolve conflict. Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process. The participants in mediation take responsibility for reaching their own solution with the guidance of third neutral parties, the mediators. CALM can mediate conflicts between participants in a variety of areas such as family member conflicts, divorce, neighbor-to-neighbor, consumer-business, employee-employer, co-workers, roommates, small claims, landlord-tenant, troubled relationships, school conflicts, land use issues, and Court referrals.


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