Little Golden Books Now Available as an Interactive Storybook App

I think this is a bad idea. Sure, you never know when you’re going to need to whip out a storybook to occupy/distract/engage a preschooler, but aren’t Little Golden Books meant to be chewed on and thrown across the room? Where’s the fun for a toddler in a book that runs on an expensive, fingerprint-attracting computer that no mom in her right mind is going to hand over to the little cutie? I’d sooner my kid played with a LeapPad or other electronic device that is built to withstand abuse.

Remember those Little Golden Books published by Random House? Infamously known as the most popular children’s books, those timeless stories are now available as an interactive storybook apps!

Earlier today, Random House announced that The Poky Little Puppy (the first of over 5 apps) is now officially available for purchase and download through the iTunes store. Originally published in 1942, this book is actually the bestselling picture book of all time!

By swiping your finger across the screen, you can open the cover (complete with Little Golden Books’ gold spine) to read the story filled with interactive illustrations. You can either watch and listen as the words are read to you, turn off the narration and read at your own pace (if a child gets stuck on a word they simply touch it to have the individual words spoken to them) or you can even record your own voice to play on each page.

In addition the new Little Golden Books apps offer a Hide-and-Seek Challenge that can be played at the end of each page to unlock bonus stickers. After reading the story, kids can use the stickers they have collected along the way to create their own storybook scene which can then be saved on the device’s photo album.

If you’re interested in downloading the new app, The Poky Little Puppy retails for $4.99, but is available now at the special introductory price of $3.99 through Apple’s iTunes store.

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  1. I wish I’d known about this earlier! It’s been difficult to find some of my favorite Little Golden Books except for checking pawn shops.

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