2 Goodies: All-Day Ice Skate (10/19) & Chick-fil-A October Deal

All-Day Ice Skate October 19, Hagerstown Ice & Sports Complex

Frederick County schools are closed on October 19. Hagerstown Ice & Sports Complex is running an ice skating program for kids that day that runs the entire day.

  • $35 for 1st family member; $30 for each additional. (Price includes skates.)
  • Learn to skate, twizzle, shoot, spin and jump.
  • Basic skills, hockey and figure skating.
  • Classes from 9 to 12; free skate from 1 to 3:50.
  • Students will be divided by age and ability.
  • Drop off at 8:30am; pick up by 4pm.
  • For more info, call (301) 766-9122.

Chick-fil-A October Deal

Thanks, Lorri!

In the month of October, on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4 to 8pm, the kids’ meals have a mini plush cow and a pack of crayons with a small picture to color in, extra in the bag. If they color in the picture and bring it to the register, they get a free Ice Dream ice cream treat. The meal usually comes with just a book or such, which you still get. The plush cow by itself costs $4.99. So it’s an extra special treat to get all that.