FoodPRO (Formerly Frederick Produce) is Open to the Public

Did you know you can buy restaurant-quality food and supplies from FoodPRO–a little, out-of-the-way gem on the outskirts of downtown Frederick?

FoodPRO is located at 321 East 5th Street. Just turn into the parking lot, park in the back by the Cash & Carry door, and go inside and shop (credit cards are accepted). They’ll sell you anything you want: 10-pound bags of frozen Purdue chicken nuggets shaped like dinosaurs, huge bottles of mayonnaise, and all kinds of prepared foods you’ll recognize from restaurants around town.

They sell far more items than they display in the store; so, before you go, you might want to pay a visit to their website and look through the online catalog. Ignore the login; just select Products on the left side of the screen. Unfortunately, prices are not displayed online; but you can make a preliminary shopping list ahead of time and ask for prices when you get there. No annual fee or membership required.


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