Online Coupon Clipping Service

The Coupon Clippers

┬áis my favorite coupon-clipping services on the net. They’re fast, reliable, and honest–and their selection is pretty good.They impose a $3 minimum per order, and you need to order a minimum of five of each coupon requested–in most cases (so plan on stocking up or sharing). They accept PayPal, checks, and money orders.

Here’s a blurb from the site:

We are a full-service coupon clipping service, providing manufacturer’s coupons and rebate forms as well as notices of the items that are on sale at the stores for a small handling fee.

You can easily save 20-30% of your grocery bill each week, and if you can double your coupons, you can wipe out 40-60% of that bill with carefully planned shopping trips.

We here at TheCouponClippers are known for our speed, our honesty, our customer service and response time. We work hard to provide the very best coupon clipping service that we can! If you order soon enough, we can have this week’s coupons in your mail box before week’s end, so you can use them at sales this week, without having to do any of the clipping yourself!


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