Freebies and Coupons

In this section, you’ll find a roundup of local and web-based freebies and coupons. Goodies available in this section include household items, medicine, baby items, stuff for children, stuff for parents, product samples, and more.

Please let me know if any of these have expired.

Having trouble printing online coupons? It could be that you have pop-ups disabled in your browser.

I run two browsers: Firefox (primary) and IE. I’ve disabled pop-ups on Firefox because I don’t like my browser being held hostage waiting for unwanted pop-ups to load. I’ve left pop-ups enabled on IE and run that whenever I need to view pop-ups.

You can’t print coupons from the site without having pop-ups enabled, and there are quite a few sites out there that work the same way.

American Sign Language & Braille

Beauty/Skin Care


Did you know that A.C. Moore, Jo-Ann’s, and Michaels honor each other’s coupons?







Local Coupons

Did you know that CVS, Walmart, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and Target accept manufacturers’ coupons?

  • The web site has dozens of printable coupons for local merchants–from Antiques dealers to Trucks & Equipment companies, with lots in between. Check there before you buy anything locally to see if they have a coupon for it. I go here regularly to get $4 Lube Center oil change coupons. (Incidentally, when you have your oil changed at the Lube Center on Route 40, you can remain in your car the entire time, which is great if you go there with young kids.)
  • Mother Martin’s coupon booklets are published four times a year and distributed to homes in our area. The excess booklets are dropped off at different places around Frederick—sometimes at the Chamber of Commerce, sometimes at the downtown branch of the library. And they go fast. If you didn’t get a booklet, or you’d like an additional one, call Mother Martin’s toll free at (888) 225-2253 to find out where they were dropped off last time.

Online Libraries/Home Improvement

Packaging & Shipping

Next time you order Priority or Express Mail supplies from the US Postal Service, request your return address be pre-printed on the labels.

If you’re shipping overseas to a member of the military, take your request one step further, and have the recipient’s name and address also pre-printed on the labels–and don’t forget to ask for customs forms, too.

The most requested box for sending to military members overseas is postal box , which is 12×12×8. The minimum number of boxes that can be ordered at one time is 25.

To place an order, call (800) 610-8734.



Phone Cards





Women Only


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