Big Slide at Rocky Ridge

If you’re not from the Rocky Ridge area (or haven’t attended their annual carnival), then you’ve probably never ridden their giant slide. It stands about 25 feet high, is partially enclosed, and is made of polished wood (maple, I think) similar to a bowling alley. You ride down it on either the burlap bags and carpet remnants that are always there, or on a blanket or towel of your own. Some hearty souls ride down on sheets of wax paper and hit the sawdust at the bottom at a full run.

I take my kids there throughout the year, sometimes bringing a picnic lunch, and we always have a blast. Best of all, it’s free.

Sometimes the gate is locked, but people just park in the circle outside the gate and walk in.

Directions (from Frederick/Walkersville): 194 South past Keymar, just into Carroll County. Turn left onto 77. Drive through Detour, then just past the Rocky Ridge sign, turn right onto 76. Pass the fire department (on the left) and the post office (on the right), then turn left into the Mount Tabor Park. The big slide is at the back of the park. (From 15N, take 77 and follow it through Thurmont, then turn left onto 76 after driving through Rocky Ridge.)

big slide
big slide


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