Day Trips That Promise as Much Fun for Parents as Kids

By Moira E. McLaughlin
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, June 20, 2008

The summer before I entered seventh grade, my mother (the consummate organizer) and two of her friends decided to take their gang of six kids on various day trips throughout the hot months. The point was fun, of course, but we were also supposed to learn something. We went to Baltimore, Manassas, Chesapeake Beach and (what we all recall most vividly) Vera’s White Sands restaurant in Lusby, where the pictures on the walls drove us to fits of laughter.

I realize now that those trips were not just about the kids. They were about the moms, too. Driving in the car to some random place solidified their friendships, which have lasted long beyond the day we got stuck in that rainstorm or the day we were spooked by the “ghost” of Edgar Allan Poe.

So this summer try something new, and break out of your regular routine with a day trip or two. My mother had only two rules for our day trips, and you should, too: Bring your sense of adventure, and always pack a bathing suit.

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