Sell Scrap Metal

Reliable Recycling buys anything made of metal. Anything. This includes cans, cooking pots, car parts, old ladders, old radiators, brass lamps, aluminum mailboxes, stainless-steel sinks and faucets, and more!

The woman I spoke with told me that siding contractors regularly bring in old aluminum siding that they’ve removed, and people buying old houses often cart in truckloads of old farm equipment and other metal debris that was littering the yard. Some people don’t participate in curbside recycling; instead, they save their cans and bring them in right before Christmas.

If you go to their office, you can pick up a price list. Here’s a sample of their current prices:

  • Cast Iron: $2 for 100 pounds.
  • Aluminum: 30-40¢ a pound. (It takes approximately 26 cans to make a pound.)

Location: 502 East Street
Hours: Monday-Friday, 8 to 4:30; Saturdays, 8 to noon
Phone: (301) 663-4482


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