Sell Books on Marketplace

An important contributor to the success of is their Marketplace–where independent sellers can sell new and used items alongside Amazon’s product offerings.

The basic instructions that provides to new sellers are straight-forward enough to get you started; but as your volume increases, you’ll want to look into the value-added resources (such as listing tools and discussion groups) that are available to more serious sellers. In addition, if you focus (at least at first) on books (which tend to be the easiest items for new sellers to obtain, sell, and ship–and which most buyers still come to Amazon to buy), you’ll be glad for any help you can get when deciding which books to buy for resale and which ones to pass on.

To streamline the research phase of the process of selling books, CDs, and DVDs on (and to keep you from investing in merchandise that you can’t resell for a profit), you should check out From their website:

Use ScoutPal with any web-enabled cell phone or wireless PDA and find out the Amazon Marketplace value of books, CD’s, DVD’s, Video Tapes, or any other Amazon Marketplace Merchandise, while you are out bookscouting. ScoutPal also optionally reports marketplace prices from, as well as

Complete details on selling on the Marketplace here.


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