Sell Unwanted Items at Auction

Most auction houses have regularly-scheduled consignment (community) auctions that anyone can participate in simply by dropping off stuff ahead of time. I know several people whose stuff trickles down to auction houses after it fails to sell on or at yard sales.

The commission due the auction house is generally on a sliding scale, depending on how much your items sell for. Cochran Auctioneers, for example, currently charges 50% for lots that sell for under $100; but only 25% for lots that sell for $101 to $500. Above that, the commission drops to 20%.

Each auction house sets its own consignment fees.

I’ll be contacting auction houses over the next few months and hope to be able to compile a comprehensive list by the end of the summer. If you’ve dealt with a particular auction house and knows their schedules and fees, I’d love to hear from you.

Cochran Auctioneers & Associates
7704 Mapleville Road, Boonsboro, Maryland
(800) 310-2844
Consignment auctions held every other Thursday, starting at 9am.


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