Sell to buys china, crystal, collectibles, flatware, and silver from people just like you and me. For my first transaction with them, they paid me $200 for four Johnson Brothers plates and a platter that I had bought the weekend before at a yard sale for $15.

Had I been a Star Supplier, I would have received 5% more. Star Suppliers are provided with an index (updated quarterly) that shows what’s being bought that quarter. In addition, they receive phone support via a toll-free number that’s only for Star Suppliers.

The downside to being a Star Supplier is that you must pay for the privilege. Your first year’s membership is $200. For that, you get unlimited phone support, a discount on products, an updated index every quarter, and some other helpful research materials. If you sell $5,000 worth of merchandise to them in a given year, you can renew the following year for $200. If your sales are under that, the renewal fee jumps to $500, then to $1,000 for those with really low sales. If your annual sales reach $30,000, you can renew for free.

If you’re not a Star Supplier, you won’t know how much they’re willing to pay until they send you a formal offer to purchase (good for 30 days). The only way for an outsider to gauge their needs is to browse through the individual patterns and look at the bottom of each page for the section that is headed by the following text:

The pieces below are not in stock, but were made for this pattern. In many cases, we are actively searching for these items.

If you happen to have an item or two that they might be looking for, you just email them and go from there. Before accepting an offer, keep in mind that you must pay all shipping fees.

For more info on how to sell to, check here.


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