Participate in Focus Groups

Would you like to get paid for expressing your opinion? If so, you might enjoy participating in focus groups. The closest place I know that hosts focus groups is House Market Research, in Rockville. I’ve participated in a few of these, and they’re a lot of fun. The pay isn’t bad—generally between $50 and $100 for a two-hour focus group, depending on the topic.

Here’s how they work:

Someone from House Market Research calls to prescreen you for an upcoming study. If you make the cut and are interested and available the evening of the study (they’re usually in the evening, from 8-10), you’re added to the list. Someone calls to confirm the day of the study, then you show up 15 minutes ahead of time.

They appear to overbook by one person because either the first or the last person to show up seems to always get paid and be told their services are not required.

They’re all different, but the ones I’ve participated in have involved reviewing proposed marketing/position materials and providing feedback on them. Very interesting.

After the session ends, “gift” checks are distributed at the front desk.

Here’s the info the director emailed me when I asked about how to get started:

House Market Research
2301 Research Blvd. Suite 310
Rockville, MD 20850
(301) 948-8800

If anyone is interested in participating in a focus group, the best thing to do is call and request that a datasheet be sent by mail or fax. Once the information is filled out, just get the sheet back to us and we will start calling the person for various research projects.

All of the information they fill out on the datasheet is kept confidential and never leaves our office. It just helps us track down certain demographics. Most people can expect to participate in at least 2 studies a year.


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