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When I first started, I envisioned people leveraging this site in order to share deals they came across in their daily lives with other like-minded people. Unfortunately, there’s been no easy (or secure) way to make this happen. In the past, when someone wanted to pass along a discovery, they emailed me directly, then I had to find time to write up a new message and post it to the site. There was always a delay between when I received a message and when it was posted to the site–and I didn’t always check my email as often as I should have, so I (and you) missed some deals entirely.

I’m hoping those delays (and misses) are a thing of the past and would like to invite you to post Twitter messages directly to

Twitter messages are posted under the Out and About… section. I update that section while I’m away from my computer, just by sending an email from my cell phone.

If you’d like to share bargains that you’ve discovered, now you can. Just email me, and I’ll send you the required email address.


One thought on “Contribute to Twitter Feed”

  1. i would like to post 2 things that i have discovered but do not see on your site.

    one is if you go to Bush Gardens and your child has a MD or VA library card you get 30% off up to six people. i did it. it saved me $80

    the other thing is the schifferstat (may be misspelled) museum built in 1758 on rosemont ave awesome to actually stand in a structure built so long ago. They also do ghost tours i attended this. It is cool.

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