Coinstar $10 Holiday Bonus

CoinStar PromoCoinstar coin counting is free when you turn your coins into a gift card or eCert. Now through December 7th when you cash in $40 or more, Coinstar will send you a holiday bonus worth $10.

To take advantage of this offer, take $40 or more in coins to a Coinstar machine and choose a pre-paid gift card in lieu of cash. Afterwards, mail in the bottom portion of your receipt, and Coinstar will mail you a $10 gift card for the same brand you originally cashed in for. Offer ends 12/07/2008.

Gift cards include, Eddie Bauer, iTunes, Borders, CVS, Pier 1, AMC, and Starbucks.

If you swap your coins for cash, the fee is 8.9%, and you get no holiday bonus.

Complete details (and Coinstar locations) here.


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