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Save Money at the Gas Pump with Giant Eagle Fuelperks

I’ve noticed lately that I’m starting to look for reasons to “swing by” Giant Eagle, even though I live in Middletown and have a perfectly good Safeway (with an in-store Starbucks) less than 2 minutes from my house. Why? Fuelperks, of course. Once you’ve filled up with your first free tank of gas, you’ll be hooked, too.

Here’s how Fuelperks work:

For every $50 you spend at Giant Eagle with your Giant Eagle Advantage Card, you earn a 10¢-off-per-gallon Fuelperks discount. (For the past couple of months, it’s been 20¢.) They keep track of what you spend, so you don’t have to spend in increments of $50.

In addition to earning Fuelperks on groceries, you can also earn them on:

  • Gift Cards from retailers and restaurants (TIP: If you need to buy something from one of the merchants for which Giant Eagle sells gift cards, buy a gift card first. This is the fastest way to earn Fuelperks.)
  • Out-of-pocket pharmacy purchases.
  • Services from their Dress for Success cleaners.
  • Inside the store at GetGo (where you redeem your Fuelperks).
  • Purchases and rentals at Iggle Video.
  • Photo service purchases.

You can redeem Fuelperks at two local GetGo gas stations: 1700 West 7th & 1000 West Patrick. Just scan your Giant Eagle Advantage Card at the pump, and your discount will be applied.

Two more incentives to shop at Giant Eagle (at least for some things):

  • Free babysitting for kids 3-9 while you shop.
  • eOffers: Have Giant Eagle coupons electronically attached to your Giant Eagle Advantage Card. First, you’ll need to register your Giant Eagle Advantage Card on Then, you’ll need to load the coupons you want before going to the store. The coupons you’ve loaded will be redeemed automatically when you cash out.