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Investigate Prospective Employees / Tenants / Contractors / Spouses for Free

Maryland Judiciary Case SearchThe Maryland Judiciary Case Search website provides free public access to the case records of the Maryland Judiciary. Records go back at least as far as 1975.

Information is available on all civil, traffic, and criminal cases in the state.  This information includes defendant name, city and state, case number, date of birth, plaintiff name (civil cases only), trial date, charge, and case disposition.


Yet Another Reason to Join AAA

Our local AAA Care Care Center is yet another reason to join AAA. It’s located at 5620 Buckeystown Pike and does virtually all automotive repairs, except body work. Their phone number is (240) 397-7414, and they are open Sundays.

AAA members receive a 10% discount on repair labor and a 2yr/24,000 mile warranty on repairs. Non-Members receive 1yr/12,000 mile warranty on repairs (and, obviously, no discount on labor).

If you need to go somewhere in town while your car is being worked on, they offer free shuttle service–and they always have printable coupons available on their website.


Sign up for a Free 2 GB SugarSync Account and Back up Important Files for Free

SugarsyncSugarSync is a convenient way to back up, sync and access files from anywhere, anytime. I have it installed on 3 devices–my laptop, my home PC, and my iPhone–which means I can access my important documents from anywhere.

Some features of SugarSync that make it a must-have:

  1. Important documents, photos, and movies are automatically backed up to your personal SugarSync website. If you ever lose a hard drive, you can easily retrieve your data.
  2. SugarSync saves the previous 5 versions of all files that have been edited, so you can roll back changes if you need to.
  3. Photo album collections can be organized into albums and shared.
  4. It’s easy to access the same data on multiple computers. All your computers can share the same MyDocuments folder, for example.
  5. Photos you take with your camera phone automatically sync to all the computers in your SugarSync network.
  6. You can access your files from any web browser.
  7. Music folders (including iTunes) can by sync’d across multiple computers and have the same music collection everywhere. What’s great about this is that it enables you to stream your music collection over the internet or directly to your iPhone without downloading the songs.
  8. You can view and share files from your iPhone, Blackberry, Android, iPad and iPod Touch.
  9. It’s easy to create public links to files and forward them to other people so they can download them.
  10. You can upgrade to a paid plan at a later date if you need more space.

To sign up for a free account with 2 GB of storage space, click here. Click the Change Plan button on any of the paid plan options, and select 2 GB Free.

To earn a 250 MB Getting Started Bonus, complete the tutorial on the website. To earn a 250 MB Mobile Getting Started Bonus, complete the games on the (free) mobile app. This storage space is available to you for as long as you use SugarSync.

In addition, just for using this link to sign up, you get an additional 500 MB of free storage.


FREE Two-Day Shipping for Students for a Year with a Free Amazon Prime Membership ($79 value)

Amazon just launched Amazon Student, a free membership program that offers college students one year of free two-day shipping via free membership in Amazon Prime (which usually costs $79), as well as other benefits, such as exclusive discounts and promotions.

The Amazon Student page also features a variety of other merchandise likely to appeal to college students, such as laptops, bedding, and microwavable foods like Kraft Easy Mac.

To obtain Amazon Student membership, consumers have to be enrolled in at least one class at a U.S. college or university and have a valid .edu e-mail address.

Amazon says in the future it may extend the free offer for more than one year.

Unlike regular Amazon Prime memberships, Amazon Student memberships do not automatically renew.

Not a student? You may still be eligible for a 30-day Amazon Prime trial membership.


Coinstar $10 Holiday Bonus for 2009

CoinStar PromoCoinstar coin counting is free when you turn your coins into a gift card or eCert. Now through December 6th when you cash in $40 or more, Coinstar will send you a holiday bonus worth $10.

To take advantage of this offer, take $40 or more in coins to a Coinstar machine and choose a pre-paid gift card in lieu of cash. Afterwards, mail in the bottom portion of your receipt, and Coinstar will mail you a $10 gift card for the same brand you originally cashed in for. Offer ends 12/06/2009.

Gift cards include, Eddie Bauer, iTunes, Borders, JC Penney, CVS, Lowe’s, Regal Entertainment, and Starbucks.

If you swap your coins for cash, the fee is 8.9%, and you get no holiday bonus.

Coinstar locations here.

Rules here.