BestBuy Giving Kids Gift Cards for A’s

BestBuy in Frederick is handing out gift cards for good grades. $5 for 1 A, $10 for 2 A’s, $15 for 3 A’s and $25 for 4 A’s. I took my daughter yesterday and she received a $25 gift card, which she was able to use immediately to buy two new summer videos. (K-12)

Thanks, Debra!

NOTE: O’s count as A’s. Report cards must have been issued by schools in Frederick County (public or private). Offer expires July 1. ~Tracey


2 thoughts on “BestBuy Giving Kids Gift Cards for A’s”

  1. We went in on June 24th and received a $25 gift card– they said it is supposed to end by July 1st. This is the first time they’ve done it and don’t know if they will do the same offer again.

  2. I was told the same thing. The customer service guy I spoke with Monday morning at 11 or so told me they’d already given out $15,000 in gift cards–with a week still to go. He said they’re the only BestBuy doing this and they’ve had people coming from all over the state and from PA trying to participate. Hence the Frederick County-only rule.

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