Converts to Blog Format

After spending over a year researching how to best incorporate a blog into the legacy site, I finally took the plunge and converted the entire site to a WordPress site.

WordPress is a blogging system that until recently didn’t support static pages very well, which is a problem with a site like this that has hundreds of pages of information that rarely, if ever, change. Although WordPress is primarly a blogging system, with some tweaking, it can double as a content management system. That’s how I’m using it.

Three advantages of the blog format:

  1. People can easily post comments in response to posts, so the site has the potential to be much more interactive.
  2. You can subscribe to in your favorite feed reader or via email.
  3. When I run across a deal when I’m out and about, I can dash off a quick text message and send it to the blog server. These text messages are posted directly to the blog in real-time. How cool is that!

NOTE: I have imported all current subscribers into this new system and set you up to receive post summaries in Digest form once a day. To change your subscription settings, go here.

If you have any comments or suggestions, I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment!

p.s. Thanks to Gwendolyn of TeraMark, who designed the new logo!