Printable Coupon for $25 off the Purchase of a Tree

Participating Frederick area nurseries and garden centers:

Mar-Lu View Nursery & Landscaping
3810 Lander Rd
Jefferson, MD 21755

Stadler Garden Center
6815 Rte 108
Laytonsville, MD 21714

Stadler Garden Centers, Inc.
5504 Mt. Zion Rd
Frederick, MD 21703

The fine print:

This coupon is worth $25 off the purchase of one tree with retail value of $50 or more at all participating retail nurseries and garden centers. The discount is taken at the register at the time of the sale. This is not a mail-in reimbursement. One coupon must be filled in for each tree purchased. Coupon must be filled in completely and signed by the customer to be valid. Coupon reimbursement is for retail sales only. Wholesale tree sales do not quality. Coupon is valid for trees listed on the Marylanders Plant Trees Recommended Tree List, found at

Print coupon here.

Thanks, Robin!


Free Tae Kwon Do Uniform and Trial Month for $39.95

Here’s a risk-free way to see if Tae Kwon Do is right for you or your child. Between now and April 30, Martial Arts USA has agreed to give anyone who mentions a free uniform ($45 value) and a trial month for just $39.95. During that month, you (or your child) can attend class three times a week–side by side with other new students. My 8-year-old daughter has been attending classes there for about a year and a half and loves it. The instructors are kind and really seem to enjoy their work, which I think my daughter has picked up on and is part of the reason she’s doing so well there.

From the Martial Arts USA website:

Adults Program – Our Adult class (ages 14 and up) learns both Korean martial art styles of Tae Kwon Do and Hap Ki Do in a traditional and friendly atmosphere. Our adults focus on Forms (Poomsae) and Weapons Training, Self-defense Situations, Kick pad drills, Target shield and Kick line drills, 3 Step Sparring (no contact), Hapkido Hosinisool (various techniques like throws, pressure points, joint locks and submission holds for example) and Olympic Style Sparring.
Children’s Program – Our Children’s class (for children ages 6 and up) learns the basics and beyond of traditional Tae Kwon Do in a variety of situations including Forms (Poomsae) and Weapons training, 3 Step Sparring (no contact), Kick line combination drills and Olympic Style Sparring.

Tiny Tigers Program – And for the youngest martial artists (for children ages 4 and 5) our Tiny Tigers program is a fun introduction to traditional Tae Kwon Do. The shorter class length keeps small kids interested and enthusiastic as they begin to learn the basic techniques they will eventually use to advance to more challenging belt classes.

Martial Arts USA
Hillcrest Towne Center
1080 W. Patrick Street, Suites 5 & 6
Frederick, MD 21703