Recession-Proof Careers

Excerpted from an article on Yahoo Finance: Careers That Can Fight Recession, by Gabby Hyman.

The economic news certainly looks grim, but there are strong sectors in the economy that will continue to hire through the end of the decade. Some professions that require advanced or post-graduate degrees will rise, but perhaps the best news of all amidst the gloom is that many career openings will require candidates to hold only a two-year college degree.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has identified the fastest-growing occupations and career groups that are predicted to enjoy the largest numerical increases in personnel through 2016, and has ranked them by the amount of education necessary to enter the profession.

Health care, education, and technology employers should continue to offer the most promising projections in total numbers in hiring, especially since the key roles cannot be outsourced and Americans will need their services and expertise despite the ups and downs in the economy.

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